Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Congratulations Ezra!

Ezra Mhegele worked as store keeper with Foxes' NGO
 which enabled him to save enough to put himself
 through school

Ezra Mhegele has been working with Foxes' NGO at Igoda Children's Village for almost a year now, and this week he is moving on to University. We are very excited for him, and impressed with his hard work, as he has been able to put himself through school through employment under the NGO, and support from his family from Mkonge village.

Ezra started work with the NGO when he needed an extra $50 to pay for getting his form-6 certificate. He paid that loan off quickly and started saving. He quickly became a valued member of the NGO family, not only as our storekeeper for building supplies, and Children's Village food and needs, but he also started a computer course that members of the NGO and surrounding community attended.

His presence will be missed in Igoda, but we wish him the very best of luck on his studies. He has been selected to join Mwenge University in Moshi, Tanzania, and will be getting his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics.

He left us all a very sweet message as he left for his travels this week:

Much thanks to Foxes' NGO. For hosting and taking care for my life (Since 28th Nov. 2012 To 8th Sept. 2013) 
I real enjoyed to work with this our big and lovely Family, I got something which is very wonderful in My life History. MUCH THANKS to Jenny Peck, Geoff Knight, Yusto Chumi, Joakina Kinayavene, Adda Mtundulu, christina Mvinge (Mimo), Lusiana Chelulye, Elitha Mponzi, Maria Mtende, Vicky Nde
dela, Isaya Mwilla, Happy Lusungu, Grace Vating'a, Rehema Mgimwa, Peraja Lutambi, Christina Kabonge, Janeth Nyaganilwa, Elida Ndone, Charles Mwagala, Upendo Sanga, Sijali Kitalika, Hezron Madege, Rodrick King'ung'alo, Patrick Mduvike, Josphati Ngigwa, Sayuni Mwilla, and all Who have not been Mentioned! MUCH LOVE to Princess, Methew, Godi, James, Shamira, Baraka, Zauda, Marck, Juma, Zacharia, Meshack, Nick, Bonny, Sallome, Love, Furahini, Castory, Melania, Rahabu, Tuke, Twiloo and All others (Antti, Carrita, Yohana, Sonja, Meredith, etc)
I HAVE NOTHING TO PAY BACK MORE THAN unstoppable blessing/uncountable prayers, THANKS FOR EVERY THING (LOVE) THAT U GAVE ME, i have no way out, I HAVE TO LEAVE, I'LL MISS & Love You Forever

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