Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ezra Mhegele

These computers were donated through some great work done by our friends from Orphans in the Wild (WildOrphans.org)

The computers that arrived in the latest container have been a great help to the organization. One young man, Ezra Mhegele, has taken full responsibility of these computers and has really utilized them in a productive way.
Ezra Mhegele setting up the computers with Juma and Steven from the Igoda Children's Village

Ezra has been working during his school break between secondary school and university to earn money to pay for his own school fees. He studied computer technology, and he is now sharing what he learned with everyone in our community. He has been teaching adult computer courses for free, and a service is now available in the village that was not around previously.
"Ezra's Adult Computer Class happening each night

In the village of Igoda, a classroom has been built to host an adult computer classroom. Now that we have the computers to furnish the classroom, this goal can become a reality. We are hoping that Ezra will be able to teach one of his adult students to become a teacher at the classroom so that education can be spread throughout the community.

The computers have already come in use with NGO as databases are being formed by Ezra and his students to help organize the many activities of the organization including the various data of HIV+ patients collected by our home based care program; the building supplies for the various development projects; the needs of both food and household for the children's village; and the family history forms that are filled in as each child is entered into the children's village.

The computers have already had their effect on the community and the adults who have learned from them. We are excited to see the future uses for these valued educational resources!

Congratulations to Ezra for making a difference in his community!

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