Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dismas Makonye Update

Dismas is off to great start on his new life of independence

A couple of months ago Dismas’s family decided he could comehome. He had been living at Igoda Children’s Village since 2010 when his home environment had become abusive, and there was little prospect of success at his home. Even though his mother is a single parent now, she is building herself a new home, and she is excited to have her family back together. Dismas will now be living closer to school, which was one of the benefits he considered when discussing the move. He is doing really well is school, and he is showing great initiative. He finished the semester earlier this year with results that placed him in the top half of his class, but when asked how he felt about the result, he said he was disappointed and wanted to do even better.

He is currently also working at the Children’s Village on projects like our vegetable garden, so that he can put himself through secondary school. He is saving for school supplies, and for next year’s school fees. This year he came to the Children’s Village to collect some of his earnings to pay for new school shoes. He was excited to see actual results from his labour as well, and is ready for this next step starting a new life on his own.

Dismas has said he wants to finish school so he can one day build a good life for himself and his family.

Foxes’ NGO enables students like Dismas to put themselves through school through various projects that the students work on during weekends, or school holidays. If you would like to support one of these projects to enable more children to put themselves through school, please let us know! A little goes a long way… For example, $20 is enough for school fees for one semester!

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