Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Isaya Mwila

Isaya Mwila pictured here (left) with Dismas
who returned home to his family this year!

In 2009, Isaya Mwila became the first House Father at Igoda Children’s Village. He had leadership experience as a former chairman of Mwaya part of Igoda village, and his wife Vicky had been working with the NGO since its inception.

For over a year he had been attending an Adult English class that was taught at the Igoda Community Hall, and he showed great promise as someone who was looking to create positive development in his own life.

Isaya quickly used those leadership skills as an employee of the NGO, and was given more and more responsibilities. He started managing all the small development projects required at the children’s village like road-maintenance, water fetching, and fence repair.

In 2012, he was voted by his pears to become the chairman of the first committee of leaders within the guardians at Igoda Children’s Village. The committee would be tasked with resolving any conflicts between guardians, or between children and guardians. The committee gave the guardians and children another avenue to vent frustrations or miss-communications, and led to more unity in the center.

This year, the employees of the NGO have come together to form a collection of departments that oversee the various projects that are undertaken. This has led to more local leadership, and more investment in the success of the projects themselves.

Isaya was voted head of the administration department, but was also promoted by his peers to become head of the ‘Big Committee,’ or Kamati Kuu is the committee that is made up of all of the department heads. This committee meets every two weeks to discuss the goals of the NGO in the short-term with an eye on long-term success. Isaya chairs each of these meetings, and his leadership is greatly respected.

Isaya’s rise into a major leadership role within the NGO exemplifies the community’s commitment to working shoulder to shoulder with the NGO through local involvement to reaching our biggest goals. Together, and with leaders like Isaya, the community is getting closer and closer to a full recovery from the devastation of the HIV pandemic.

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