Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mwefu Primary School Kitchen Project

The School Kitchen program at Igoda primary school has been a raving success since its inception by the NGO in February 2009. That year, Igoda jumped from 52nd position in the district, to 7th out of 152, and we believe it was due to the introduction of a nutritious local dish called uji that was served each day to all of the children. Many children lived too far from school to go home for lunch, and so had no sustenance during their school days. After the success of this porridge, Igoda started serving an additional full meal during lunch time to serve all of its students a regular healthy diet each day.

Mwefu Primary assembles ahead of the announcement of school kitchen items delivered by Foxes' NGO

After the successful results of Igoda’s program, other schools wanted to start their own programs, and one school in particular- Mwefu primary school- is ready to start this year with a full-meal serve each day. The school has recovered from a terrible storm that knocked down most of the classrooms, and the community has shown a spirited effort of togetherness to contribute to the development of their school. This year the parents started contributing maize from their farms to try to supply the school with enough start-up to have a kitchen program at their school for an entire year. They have now collected enough food to run the program for 12 months- enabling the school to give a full meal to all of their students everyday!

The remaining issue for the program was the challenge of dishes. The school/community didn’t have a budget to buy dishes, so there was a mix of borrowing from the student’s homes, to having several students eat off of one plate, to borrowing the ‘public’ set of dishes are kept at the local government office that are designated for funerals or public events. This challenge had the potential to pause the entire program, so in an effort to show support for the contributions the parents had made to their children’s school, the NGO supplied the school with it’s own set of dishes, pots and pans, cups, and plates, and everything needed for the school to run its program on its own. This was a perfect contribution to the program that will be run by the parents and the school itself.

We can’t thank our supporters enough for enabling us to contribute to these school kitchen programs! With your help these children now have a brighter future ahead of them.

Asanteni sana!

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