Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nursery School at Igoda Children's Village

Another project we’re excited about his year is the Nursery School and office construction. This project really grew out of developments from September 2011 when a nursery school program was initiated at the Igoda Children’s Village.
Original graph paper map of
Nursery School plans

The nursery school timetable started a system that kept all of the under-school-aged children engaged and active throughout the day. Staff of the NGO started bringing their children for the day to benefit from the service.
Foundations begin March 2013
The system’s value was shown in the developments the younger children had made as a result of the early childhood education they were receiving.
 In January this year a Kindergarten was opened at the Children’s Village, but the community brought children far too young for kindergarten as parents thought we had opened a nursery. We were thrilled that the community wanted this service, as it is a bit of a unique idea for this rural area, and we didn’t want to push the idea prematurely into the villages. Unfortunately, we had to turn away potential students, as there was no space for the additional students.
Walls going up April 2013

Enter the United States Ambassador's Community Grant for HIV Relief. Foxes’ NGO successfully won this grant earlier this year, and so building has already started with the goal of opening a nursery school for the community in January 2014. We’ve come a long way with this project from running it out of the Children’s Village homes, to having a village-wide community service that will keep children safe while their parents/guardians work or farm their fields.
When completed this project will have a lasting effect on the positive development of this community.
Progress as of June 2013

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  1. Was Good read..Studies show that when children have the chance to make choices at the tender age of 3 or 4, rather than having all dictated by teacher, they have better long term social and life outcomes on a variety of measures..I have found Good Pre Nursery Schools who look after all this concerns