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The most pressing health initiative we are undertaking currently is the construction of a hospital that will stand to serve the surrounding villages.  To date, the supplies, machines, furniture, and some staff have been secured - the only thing left is to find funding for the completion of the actual structure itself.  Literally everything is available and ready to serve the community except for the building in which it will all happen.

The facility will be the only hospital within 30 miles (50km) or 4-8 hours by bus. It will be the main facility for 19 villages, or approximately 45,000 people. It will host medical volunteers from around the world who will share their expertise, and because of this we foresee the catchment area of this facility to increase with more and more people and patients using the hospital as its main health care resource.
Foundations of the new procedures wing
from early 2009

The Hospital will have the capacity for major and minor surgery, x-rays, ultrasound, dental and optometry labs, and other procedures. This will mean that the rural community will finally have the quality health care it needs.

March 2009
The Mdabulo Hospital Project is and probably will be the biggest and most expensive project that the NGO has undertaken. It will also be our most important project in terms of saving lives and ultimately reducing the number of orphans in the area.

October 2010
Fortunately, the NGO has already been blessed to receive funding to complete an impressive amount of construction that will consist of the functioning wing of the Hospital where all procedures will take place. There is still funding required to complete the entire Hospital project and give the community high quality health care for the first time- thus enabling everyone to care for their children, and partake in the positive development of their community.
September 2011

The entire Hospital project has been divided up into ten development projects. We're hoping through grants and donations to find the funds to complete this project over the course of several years. The following is a brief description and cost of each of the initiatives:

Functioning wing of Hospital- including 2 surgical theatres, an x-ray room, dental facility, optometry room, and doctors’ consulting rooms. - $77,951.56* ALREADY FUNDED AND COMPLETED!!!
This project will define how the Hospital is used, and contains all of the functioning components of the Hospital. The L-shaped extension to the existing facilities include 2 surgical theatres, an x-ray room, dental examination room, optometry room, doctor’s consultancy rooms, storage, toilets, and lockers for surgical gowns and personal belongings of staff at the Hospital. The Hospital will be equipped with medical equipment, supplies, and other resources, from the containers that have been sent to us from the UK and Canada. Now that this wing is completed, the NGO is in a position to invite volunteers from Tanzania and abroad to share their expertise so that this rural area may finally receive the quality health care that is needed.  This project will represent a new possibility in rural health care, and will allow thousands of people to receive quality health care for the first time in an accessible nearby facility.
March 2013

New Toilets / landscaping - $2,091.50
There are several requirements for sanitation and hygiene that are to be considered in hospital infrastructure, and so a budgeted amount of funding is to be used to meet these requirements. 8 new toilets will be built, and a waiting area will be leveled with 3 round shelters for shade or rain cover where relatives and friends of patients can wait as their loved ones get treatment.

New KIOSK - $10,760.39
It is expected of all Hospitals in this country that the facility take part in income generating projects to gain an income for the facility’s many ongoing costs. The most common project of this nature in Hospitals is a small shop or kiosk where patients and visitors can buy small bites, or soda, or purchase a new notebook for keeping patient’s records. The kiosk at Mdabulo will be conveniently located at the entrance of the facility and will be accessible by all potential customers.

New medical records and administrative conference room - $22,761.64
An already leveled section of lawn at the side of the facility is the site for the conference room project. The one-roomed structure will hold medical records, but also serve as a meeting area, and rest area for all of the health professionals on staff. If ever the facility is visited by a visiting doctor, or honoured guest, the facility will have a formal meeting place designed for him or her to give an address to all of the staff in one place. Morning reports may also take place here where patients’ status is updated to all of the staff if there is any progress from the previous night.

Refurbish existing staff housing (one stand alone house for essential staff members) - $7,266.24* Already funded and completed!!!
A modest sized building at the entrance of the compound can be converted into staff housing. Currently the facility’s Nurse Midwife, Paulina Visulu, and the Lab Attendant in charge of running the entire lab including CD4 testing live in this house. These two are vital to the services provided by the facility, and having them live ‘on-campus’ is an added bonus to the project as a whole.
This 'house' was unused before generous donations
came in to renovate it for Hospital use.

The housing is now home to key Hospital staff members

Turn unused building into new kindergarten (enabling space for staff housing) - $19,914.42

As permission has already been granted by the Mission to turn an existing kindergarten into a staff housing complex, this dilapatated unused building could be renovated into a new home for the kindergarten. Just below the nurses’ housing is a complex that has long since been abandoned that was previously used as a facility for relatives and friends of patients to cook food for their friends who are getting treatment at the health facility. Currently, a newer building is used for this purpose, and so this abandoned building remains unused. Fortunately, it is the perfect size for a kindergarten- similar to other kindergartens in the area- and the Mission has already agreed to use this building (when renovated) as a new kindergarten. This would free-up the current kindergarten to be used as a staff housing complex, thus enabling the facility to take on more staff- the lifeblood of any health facility.

This dilapatated abandoned building could be renovated
 to host a kindergarten, freeing up the current kindergarten
 building for staff housing

Build a reception ward (OPD- out-patient department) - $28,217.09
This project utilizes a space that is located right in the heart of the facility that may be used for initial examination of a patient. Upon arrival, the patient may be brought here, so as to let the Doctors and medical staff determine where the patient will be sent immediately. We have labeled this the reception ward for this purpose, but the project could also house the outpatient department as well. Two rooms will be constructed where a current roofed-walkway stands, and these rooms could be used to examine the patients who are requiring only outpatient service. This reception ward will be critical to patient care as he or she enters the facility.

Refurbish existing old in-patient wards - $42,237.09* ($15,000 already raised)
The Mdabulo Mission Hospital was built over 75 years ago. Though some of the buildings have held up quite well over this time, there now seems to be room for improvement. The existing in-patient facilities are a perfect example of this, as the foundations and walls are showing many cracks, and all rooms are need of new paint. The roofing is in need of replacement, as currently the facility is prone to leaking. All of these improvements will help the in-patient wards in existence become more hygienic and will ultimately improve the quality of health care at the facility.

This building (built some 75+ years ago) could be renovated to create a safe, clean, in-patient ward for patients.

Build new in-patient wards - $85,378.19
This project involves plans to replicate the existing wards with a new structure built from scratch designed to double the amount of in-patient capacity at the facility. This will include a new women’s ward, men’s ward, children’s ward, as well as anew toilets. This will be required as facilities improve, and more and more patients are drawn to Mdabulo for health care. Currently the in-patient facilities are in constant use, and more room for in-patient service would be greatly appreciated by patients and staff even today. This project is urgently needed, and will be needed even more and more as resources and services at Mdabulo are improved.

Turning vacated kindergarten into new staff housing block. - $100,567.82
Perhaps the most important component to a hospital is the human capacity to run the operations and procedures on a daily basis. The only way this can be done is through reliable and qualified staff. As per our successful partnership, the mission has agreed to allow for a kindergarten facility to be used as a communal staff housing facility designed to house key staff members at the facility. Currently, no such staff housing exists to lure new staff to the facility. If this project is completed, lab technicians, surgeons, pharmacists, and other key staff members could be hired, and would stay in a long-term basis at the facility, thus improving the quality of health care at the facility in a most important way.

This building is mostly unused but for one 'classroom' that host a kindergarten. If funding is obtained,
this building could be renovated along with a another to create both a safer, cleaner kindergarten, and
 vital staff housing for the Hospital

TOTAL COST Remaining:


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