Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Thanks to Rotary Club of Kowloon North in Hong Kong!

The Kowloon North Rotary Club in Hong Kong has been a tremendous partner for Foxes’ NGO, supporting the NGO with funds for three separate projects in the past three years. In addition to all of this, Maureen Boost has organized shipment of goods that arrived in Mufindi earlier this year that have proven very useful.

Kowloon North funds constructed a children's home
 at Igoda Children's Village

The first transfer of funds from Kowloon North was for construction of a Children’s Village house at the Igoda Children’s Village. This generous donation helped us reach our goal of 6 children’s houses that have been built around a valley to resemble a neighborhood found in the villages around.

The first three rooms of this Hospital wing were
 constructed by Kowloon North funds

The Rotary club also gave a considerable donation towards the Mdabulo Hospital Project. The Kowloon North donation was enough to complete the first three rooms of our functioning wing of the hospital. Two Doctor’s consultancy rooms and an x-ray room are currently already in use as part of a HIV prevention program that has continued for nearly a month now at the facility.

A new roof will be installed soon on these in-patient wards thanks to support from Kowloon North Rotary!

Finally, the most recent donation from the club that arrived this year was for renovation of three dilapidated in-patient wards. The Kowloon North donation will most likely be enough to completely re-roof the wards, thus paving the way for completion when new funds are acquired.

The previously-mentioned items recently shipped to Tanzania have proven quite useful, and have brought smiles to the faces of a lot of Children here in Mufindi. The most appreciated items so far have been the football gear, and the back packs that most of our children use to carry their school supplies to school- a six-mile walk away!
A very special thanks indeed foes out to Kowloon North Rotary club and the great support they have given. Their group has made a huge difference in so many people’s lives already in just a short time!

Asante sana!

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