Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yusto Chumi Teaches at Igoda Children's Village

Yusto Chumi has been working with Foxes’ NGO since 2009, and his contributions to the community since then have been priceless. His main responsibility has been that of teaching librarian at Igoda Primary School, but he has since played an integral role in so many of the NGO’s various projects.

He has acted as a counselor on a committee at Igoda Children’s Village, he has started his own literacy classroom at Igoda Community Hall, and he has taken on the role of head of our education department, and part of our ‘big committee.’

He has also opened his home to three different volunteers who chose to take a home-stay with a family in the village. He has attended a seminar held in Mbeya last year to learn more about the Montessori method of teaching young children, and he has helped explain the role of the NGO in the community to church members as he is considered a church elder in the community.
At Igoda Primary School, The scope of his role at Igoda Primary School has increased as well over the years. He has been asked to teach the Standard 7 classes English. These students take national exams that are seen as a yardstick to measure the success of the school as a whole. He has also been asked to help tutor students at night, as well as during his lunch breaks he takes a group of students that are not succeeding as well as others, and gives them extra private lessons in the library. Finally, he has helped in other classrooms at the school including kindergarten, as well by teaching English, as his command of the language is tremendous. His teaching skills were on display this week at Igoda Children’s Village, as he has begun to teach English to the kindergarten class once per week to add to their base of English.

We are very grateful to have Yusto as part of the team! He is an exemplary member of his community, and he makes us all very proud to work with him each day!

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