Sunday, August 18, 2013

Giving Back in a Sustainable Way

Ngojea Kitinusa, 22 and Dani Chunga, 24 are each from the NGO project area in Mufindi, and each overcame challenging circumstances growing up to continue their own education, and improve their own lives. They both attended Mdabulo Secondary School, and had been working with the NGO during their school breaks to pay for their school fees. We are proud of them both, as they have now both continued their own education into University! 

Ngojea Kitinusa

Ngojea is studying education at Mwanza University specializing in History and Kiswahili. Ngojea eventually would like to shift into the field of either Physiotherapy or Social work, as he has a passion to help his community. He has been working with Hezron, a child at the Children’s Village with cerebral palsy and HIV, and he is very grateful for the chance the NGO has given him to work his way through putting himself through school.

Dani Chunga

Dani was selected to join the Mwenga University College of Education in 2011 where he is getting his Bachelor’s of Arts on Geography as part of the Environmental Studies program. Since 2011, Dani has helped get the health department of the NGO off the ground, as he was a member of the Community Outreach program before the Home Based Care program was initiated. Dani wants to make a difference in his community, and also on the environment as a whole, as he has been most interested in coursework that has had to do with sustainable development.

This week, Ngojea and Dani led a short seminar for our Building and Development department that helped start ideas for the future on how the NGO may become more sustainable. These two used their educational experience and coursework (including project planning, and business planning) to share what they had learned with the leaders of the NGO. We are proud to see this initiative by these two young men, as they have taken it upon themselves to give back any way they can.

The NGO is currently looking for partners to help these types of young students advance in their schooling through loans and earned scholarships. As Ngojea and Dani appear as though they will be bright stars in Tanzania’s future, we would like to give a chance to other future stars to help them build their own futures!

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