Sunday, August 18, 2013

Congratulations Charles!

Charles Mwagala: Head of Building amd Development Department /
House Father since 2011 at Igoda Children's Village

A note of congratulations here to one of the members of the NGO family, as Charles Mwagala was selected by his fellow citizens from Luhunga Ward to be selected as one of the areas advocates for the construction of the new national constitution. Charles was voted as a member of a nation-wide advocacy group that will give the citizen’s opinions on what should be included in the new constitution. 

He traveled to Mafinga August 3-4th to take part in meetings to share ideas about what changes could be made. He then represented the NGO the following day at a seminar in Iringa hosted by multiple partners who hosted a stakeholders meeting for those working with vulnerable children the region. The seminar was about the effectiveness of early childhood development initiatives taken on by the various organizations working with children, and was hosted by a network program sponsored by UNICEF and its partners. Many issues were discussed including how to appropriately return a child back to the community, how to improve early childhood development, and how organizations can work together to consolidate efforts in child-care. We are still cautiously optimistic while waiting to see how/if these partnerships will benefit the community of Mufindi, but this meeting was a promising start.

We are proud to work with leaders like Charles Mwagala who is also head of the building and development department at the NGO in charge of supervision of all building projects and maintenance at the Children’s Village; as well as a house Father at the Children’s Village, helping to raise the future leaders of Mufindi!

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