Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Dismas Makonye Update

One year ago this month Dismas Makonye ‘graduated’ from the Igoda Chidren’s Village. This can be a difficult process for our older children- moving back to the village and finding their way in a new community. The Children’s Village does its best to mimic life in the village, but it is a last resort for childcare, and the ideal situation is for an able family to care for children in the village.
Dismas escorts Baraka back to his home for dinner.
Dismas is helping the guardians of the
Children's Village during school holiday.

The transition back home is not always a success for older children, as there can be any number of difficulties adjusting to village life. The NGO follows up frequently through village leadership, Home Based Care Volunteers, and other advocates to ensure the child is in a loving environment. This is a good way to stay updated on the child's progress going forward.

Dismas is one of our grand success stories so far! He has returned and has worked hard to continue his schooling, and as of today he is in Form 3, and well on his way to complete his O-level schooling. He has stayed in contact with the Children’s Village and is still a big part of the family. He is a role model for the younger children to look up to- an example of how life can go on after living at the Children’s Village.

This school holiday he has spent his time working at the Children’s Village to earn his school fees, and pay for his school needs. He has been working on projects that help the Children’s Village, and that are comparable to those a student would work on in the community during holiday. These include working on livestock projects, and helping to care for younger children in the family. It has been very encouraging to see him grow into a respectful, caring, hard-working young man!
Dismas collects 'feed' for our Cow Project

Congratulations to Dismas, and to the Care-givers at Igoda Children’s Village for all the hard work that has gone into creating a loving environment for kids in which they can thrive, succeed, and achieve their goals!

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  1. Congratulations and well done Dismas, we are really proud of you. Thank you for all you do at the Children's Village. Also a big thank you to everyone who works so hard for the children and their care there.