Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Furahini Returns Home

It was a special anniversary this July 7th as the Children’s Village turned 7 years old. The day was made even more special as one of the children from the center returned home. We congratulated the family on their own developments, and we are very pleased at the loving environment that Furahini will be growing into in her home village of Isipi/Lulanda.

Children's Village guardian Isaya Mwila hosts the 'graduation ceremony' for Furahini Mponzi

Furahini’s Father was overwhelmed when his wife passed away in 2010 leaving behind 4 children including Furahini a newborn. Furahini’s mother passed away at childbirth as the Hospital where Furahini was born forgot to deliver the placenta, and she did not survive the infection.

From Furahini's Family History form as filed by NGO Staff

Furahini (middle) flanked by
her best friends at the ceremony
At 4 days old Furahini moved in to Igoda Children’s Village with the agreement that after 3-4 years she would return home to her well-prepared family. Furahini’s Father has contributed whenever and whatever he can to the Children’s Village, and this has shown all guardians that he cares for his daughter and will be an engaged parent in her upbringing. Furahini will be enrolled into the nursery program at Isipi primary school that was started this year by efforts from the NGO, and this will help the organization keep up with Furahini as she adjusts to her new home.

Every child that is entered into Igoda Children’s Village arrives under very challenging circumstances. We have seen more and more often that as the community progresses positively, in part through Foxes’ NGO initiates such as the advent of HIV treatment, health education, vulnerable child care, and educational strengthening in the schools, more and more families are healthy and able to care for their children again. This proves to be one of the greatest achievements so far as an organization, and a sign that development is headed in the right direction!

Furahini's care provider greeting the
family members that will be taking-in Furahini

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