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June 2011 Monthly Report

Pictured: An Igoda Primary school student takes part in 'Children of Africa Day' on June 16th, 2011. (Picture by Justin Dominguez)


All schools were on holiday this month, which meant that children at the Children’s Village received extra tutoring at home. Three older students from the surrounding area who have all finished A-levels, along with a lead-teacher who had completed teacher’s college training all came to help teach the children extra lessons during the break. Each child was taught a full day’s worth of curriculum based on the Tanzanian syllabi. We are estimating that this extra concentration on studies during the break will help the children excel in the school. After the children return to school, we plan on having extra lessons at night for the children as the added help with difficult lessons will be a much appreciated assistance.
Construction on House number 2 (the fifth house) has continued as we have the necessary timber to go on. All of the brickwork is complete and the roof has been set in place. Next will come the wall plastering and cement floor. We are excited to have this project continuing again. This is the second last house that will be constructed, so we are nearly finished with housing at the children’s village complex.


Home Based Care

The home based care program has started really well this month. A total of 112 patients have been visited in the village. Patients include those who are HIV positive, or have Tuberculosis, or other infectious diseases. First aid is also dispensed as well as education about good health practices. As the program continues more and more patients will be visited and the burden on health facilities like those in Mdabulo and Ibwanzi will be alleviated. Another added advantage that this program brings is having more eyes and ears in the village that will help with Dr. Lenna Pasanen’s program. Upon her next visit, we will have volunteers in each village who will be able to take us to the homes of the patients who are most in need of medical assistance.


Luhunga Library

Construction of the Luhunga Library is nearly complete. The underground water tank has been dug and cemented in place, and the stand for an above ground, pressure granting tank has been completed. All of the interior walls have been painted, and all of the shelves have been stained and varnished. Books from the go-down from the UK have been brought to the site, along with books purchased by our Canadian friends from African Book Box. All tables and chairs have been put in place, and this building is nearly ready to be in use.
Leudi has been named the librarian and care-taker of the Luhunga Library. Leudi has been very busy this month arranging and cataloguing each of the books. He has been taking lessons on computer use for the past three months with volunteer Justin Dominguez. After all of the books are organized and the system is in place Leudi may be able to start teaching computer skills.
Igoda Community Hall
June 16th, marks children of Africa day, and this year we had a great event at the community hall to commemorate the day. Volunteer Meredith Pinto organized this year’s event along with coordinators Titus Nyunza, and stand-in Christina Mvinge (Mama Rehema) who has done a great job in place in Treda Pius (Mama Ivan) who is currently on maternity leave. The event at the community hall was both educational and entertaining. A portion of the show was meant to raise awareness of children’s rights in the village, and to discuss solutions to problems facing children. The show also had a celebratory feel to it as everyone celebrated children’s contribution to society. A number of plays were prepared and performed by local schools, and several choirs came and gave performances of songs all related to some aspect of life for children in Africa. The guest of honour for the event was Filipo Mgovano, the ward executive officer for Luhunga ward. He gave an inspired speech about the parent’s role in acknowledging the value of children and encouraged parents to be aware of their part in raising responsible, respectable, productive members of society. Mgovano went on to say that this is what we must strive for if we are to see positive changes to our society. The event was attended by over 450 people, and everyone enjoyed their time as part of a great event at the Igoda community hall.

Submitted by Geoff Knight

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